Paradise Earth: Day Zero Tweet Chat Recap



On January 3rd I participated in a Twitter party hosted by @CuriosityQuills to talk about my new novel Paradise Earth: Day Zero. Fueled by gin and tonics I chatted with readers and fellow authors about Twinkies, the end of the world, mythology, Utah, and more. In between I answered questions about the novel.

How long was the idea in development? – @AlisonReads2

All my life? It was inspired by juxtaposing childhood religious beliefs against the bombing of Dresden via Vonnegut

What’s your writing process? – @ninapost

My writing process is drinking and vomiting emotions. It’s not very glamorous.

Has anyone from the JW church read your novels? – @courtney825

I haven’t heard yet. My stuff is considered apostate and satanic. Who knows though.

Weren’t you listed as a fake Mormon/religious imposter somethingsomething online? – @vitka

My name appeared on an “apostates on Facebook” list warning Jehovah’s Witnesses to stay away. LOL.

When will Volume 2 be released? – @courtney825

When I finish writing it. I’m very slow.

Were you raised as a Witness? What about your family are they still involved? – @ninapost

I was raised as a 3rd gen JW. I was kicked out for apostasy at 30. My parents no longer speak to me.

What is apostasy? – @SharonBayliss

For JWs apostasy is holding a different opinion from their stated beliefs/practices.

How many of your characters are based off of real JWs? – @TheaIsis

All of them? I just did a find/replace from real names to fake names before it went to press.

Which one was you? – @TheaIsis

I can relate to the narrator’s crisis of faith, but he is his own person. He is an amalgam of many ex-JW’s.

Check out Paradise Earth: Day Zero, an epic deconstruction of faith at the end of the world and beyond!

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