Anthony Mathenia

Welcome to the Neighborhood

As part of my writ­ing process I make it point to inves­ti­gate weird reli­gions and to nev­er turn down an invi­ta­tion to a new church when pos­si­ble.  How­ev­er, as I look around the dim­­ly-lit base­ment filled with met­al fold­ing chairs and young peo­ple wear­ing a rainbow’s worth of cardi­gans, I’ll admit that I’ve nev­er seen […]

Books and Booze: Shane Crash, Forest Life

On a chilly Sat­ur­day after­noon in Jan­u­ary I trav­el to Her­mann Mis­souri to spend time with Shane Crash.  The young author grew up in Her­mann, a riv­er town that has had a renascence as a tourist des­ti­na­tion known for pic­turesque winer­ies set upon rolling hills.  He’s back vis­it­ing fam­i­ly and judg­ing from his gen­er­al aver­sion to the place, […]

Books and Booze: Randy Attwood, Blow Up the Roses

Most Sat­ur­day after­noons, you can find Kansas City author Randy Attwood drink­ing Sap­phire and ton­ics at his favorite water­ing hole, Chez Char­lie. Don’t let the name fool you; accord­ing to Attwood there’s not much “Chez” about it.  For the unini­ti­at­ed, the dive bar is hard to find — there is no sign out front — but, for those […]