Anthony Mathenia

Deep Penitentiary 6 — Cover Art from Concept to Finish

In my last blog post I showed off the pulp fic­tion and grind­house cin­e­ma influ­ences behind the Deep Pen­i­ten­tiary 6 cov­er. How­ev­er, it takes a skilled artist to take the con­cept and bring it to life. For this project I chose Diego Galin­do after glimps­ing his rip­ping cov­er for issue 4 of the com­ic Nan­cy in Hell on […]

Deconstructing the Deep Penitentiary 6 Cover Art

When I release a book the out­side cov­er is just as impor­tant to me as the inside text, both form­ing a com­plete con­cept as an art object. I real­ly want the read­er to judge the book by the cov­er. An exam­ple is in my Par­adise Earth series where I pay grim homage to the Watchtower’s […]

Deep Penitentiary 6 — Excerpt

What fol­lows is an excerpt from my new book Deep Pen­i­ten­tiary 6.  DP6 is a campy throw­back to 70’s “women-in-prison” cin­e­ma filled with action, humor, and robes inex­plic­a­bly fly­ing open. In this selec­tion, assas­sin, Theta But­ter­fly, has gone under­cov­er in a secret space prison to locate her miss­ing sis­ter.  She is tak­en to Block B where she […]