Anthony Mathenia

Welcome to the Neighborhood

As part of my writing process I make it point to investigate weird religions and to never turn down an invitation to a new church when possible.  However, as I look around the dimly-lit basement filled with metal folding chairs and young people wearing a rainbow’s worth of cardigans, I’ll admit that I’ve never seen […]

Books and Booze: Shane Crash, Forest Life

On a chilly Saturday afternoon in January I travel to Hermann Missouri to spend time with Shane Crash.  The young author grew up in Hermann, a river town that has had a renascence as a tourist destination known for picturesque wineries set upon rolling hills.  He’s back visiting family and judging from his general aversion to the place, […]

Books and Booze: Randy Attwood, Blow Up the Roses

Most Saturday afternoons, you can find Kansas City author Randy Attwood drinking Sapphire and tonics at his favorite watering hole, Chez Charlie. Don’t let the name fool you; according to Attwood there’s not much “Chez” about it.  For the uninitiated, the dive bar is hard to find — there is no sign out front — but, for those […]