Mouth Artist Larime Taylor Kickstarts His New Comic, Dark Zoey


Dark Zoey by Larime Taylor

Larime Taylor is relatively new to creating comics, but he is already building buzz for Dark Zoey, a comic serial about a college girl with killer instincts.  The previews are impressive, even more so since Taylor makes the art with his mouth.  The California writer and artist has turned to Internet funding via Kickstarter to fund the production and printing of first issue, in hopes of getting picked up by a publisher.

Taylor got his start with writing screenplays and stage plays.  He had hoped to write for television, but was unable to relocate to LA, where he could find work more easily.  His writing instructor instead suggested that Taylor try to write for comics.  Taylor’s first comic project was strictly as a writer, with another artist doing the pages, and his wife providing the color.  That project had to go on hiatus because of limited funds to pay the artist and sickness which didn’t allow his wife to continue with the colors.

Instead of giving up, Taylor went back to the drawing board and began developing his illustration skill to draw his own comics.  He has been drawing since he was a child using his mouth because arthrogryposis has caused his limited use of limbs. A Cintiq digital art tablet donated by Wacom has now enabled Taylor to progress as an artist, because he can sit upright and work directly on the tablet screen.  “I have made some significant breakthroughs in the last six months, that have really changed what I’m doing and brought it to a new level,” said Taylor.

For Dark Zoey, Taylor is providing all of the writing and art, using a nine panel layout, inspired by Warren Ellis’s Fell.  As a writer, Taylor wants to provide more story in an eighteen page issue of Dark Zoey than the many comics provide in twenty-four pages.  The minimal art space allows him to focus on character and interactions, rather than elaborate scenery.  The sample pages provided by Taylor show a wide range of emotion from the titular character.

He started his Kickstarter campaign hoping to make $1,500 to fund the publication of an eighteen page slimline comic.  He made that goal in four days, and decided to set a new goal of $3,000, for a double issue. He made that goal with nine days to go.  With just hours remaining in the campaign, Taylor is closing in on $5,000, which will allow him to make three issues of Dark Zoey as a bound trade paperback.  Being able to produce a monthly comic book will greatly improve the life of Taylor who lives on a small Social Security income supplemented by his art.

In order to contribute to Dark Zoey visit Larime Taylor’s Kickstart campaign.  A starting contribution for a digital copy is only $1 with great perks at other tiers. A campaign contribution of $15 will provide a print copy of Dark Zoey along with three fantastic prints of the leading ladies.

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