Mouth Artist Larime Taylor Kickstarts His New Comic, Dark Zoey


Larime Tay­lor is rel­a­tive­ly new to cre­at­ing comics, but he is already build­ing buzz for Dark Zoey, a com­ic ser­i­al about a col­lege girl with killer instincts.  The pre­views are impres­sive, even more so since Tay­lor makes the art with his mouth.  The Cal­i­for­nia writer and artist has turned to Inter­net fund­ing via Kick­starter to fund the pro­duc­tion and print­ing of first issue, in hopes of get­ting picked up by a pub­lish­er.

Tay­lor got his start with writ­ing screen­plays and stage plays.  He had hoped to write for tele­vi­sion, but was unable to relo­cate to LA, where he could find work more eas­i­ly.  His writ­ing instruc­tor instead sug­gest­ed that Tay­lor try to write for comics.  Taylor’s first com­ic project was strict­ly as a writer, with anoth­er artist doing the pages, and his wife pro­vid­ing the col­or.  That project had to go on hia­tus because of lim­it­ed funds to pay the artist and sick­ness which didn’t allow his wife to con­tin­ue with the col­ors.

Instead of giv­ing up, Tay­lor went back to the draw­ing board and began devel­op­ing his illus­tra­tion skill to draw his own comics.  He has been draw­ing since he was a child using his mouth because arthro­gry­po­sis has caused his lim­it­ed use of limbs. A Cin­tiq dig­i­tal art tablet donat­ed by Wacom has now enabled Tay­lor to progress as an artist, because he can sit upright and work direct­ly on the tablet screen.  “I have made some sig­nif­i­cant break­throughs in the last six months, that have real­ly changed what I’m doing and brought it to a new lev­el,” said Tay­lor.

For Dark Zoey, Tay­lor is pro­vid­ing all of the writ­ing and art, using a nine pan­el lay­out, inspired by War­ren Ellis’s Fell.  As a writer, Tay­lor wants to pro­vide more sto­ry in an eigh­teen page issue of Dark Zoey than the many comics pro­vide in twen­ty-four pages.  The min­i­mal art space allows him to focus on char­ac­ter and inter­ac­tions, rather than elab­o­rate scenery.  The sam­ple pages pro­vid­ed by Tay­lor show a wide range of emo­tion from the tit­u­lar char­ac­ter.

He start­ed his Kick­starter cam­paign hop­ing to make $1,500 to fund the pub­li­ca­tion of an eigh­teen page slim­line com­ic.  He made that goal in four days, and decid­ed to set a new goal of $3,000, for a dou­ble issue. He made that goal with nine days to go.  With just hours remain­ing in the cam­paign, Tay­lor is clos­ing in on $5,000, which will allow him to make three issues of Dark Zoey as a bound trade paper­back.  Being able to pro­duce a month­ly com­ic book will great­ly improve the life of Tay­lor who lives on a small Social Secu­ri­ty income sup­ple­ment­ed by his art.

In order to con­tribute to Dark Zoey vis­it Larime Taylor’s Kick­start cam­paign.  A start­ing con­tri­bu­tion for a dig­i­tal copy is only $1 with great perks at oth­er tiers. A cam­paign con­tri­bu­tion of $15 will pro­vide a print copy of Dark Zoey along with three fan­tas­tic prints of the lead­ing ladies.

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