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Welcome to the Neighborhood

As part of my writing process I make it point to investigate weird religions and to never turn down an invitation to a new church when possible.  However, as I look around the dimly-lit basement filled with metal folding chairs and young people wearing a rainbow’s worth of cardigans, I’ll admit that I’ve never seen […]

Can Jehovah’s Witnesses Survive the Internet?

A recent article from suggests that religion may not survive the Internet.  This may already be the case with Jehovah’s Witnesses. A new report published by JW Survey compares the 2012 worldwide membership statistics against Internet saturation.  Countries with high Internet availability are slowing in religious growth compared to other less developed areas. It […]

A Syncopated Journey – Offbeat at Yellowstone

My eyes furtively glance at the rearview mirror, checking for cops, as the family car edges close to forty-five miles per hour, cruising west on South Dakota Highway 44. This particular stretch of asphalt is post-apocalyptic empty and flanked on both sides by green and yellow mixed grasses, as the road cuts through portions of […]