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Welcome to the Neighborhood

As part of my writ­ing process I make it point to inves­ti­gate weird reli­gions and to nev­er turn down an invi­ta­tion to a new church when pos­si­ble.  How­ev­er, as I look around the dim­­ly-lit base­ment filled with met­al fold­ing chairs and young peo­ple wear­ing a rainbow’s worth of cardi­gans, I’ll admit that I’ve nev­er seen […]

Can Jehovah’s Witnesses Survive the Internet?

A recent arti­cle from sug­gests that reli­gion may not sur­vive the Inter­net.  This may already be the case with Jehovah’s Wit­ness­es. A new report pub­lished by JW Sur­vey com­pares the 2012 world­wide mem­ber­ship sta­tis­tics against Inter­net sat­u­ra­tion.  Coun­tries with high Inter­net avail­abil­i­ty are slow­ing in reli­gious growth com­pared to oth­er less devel­oped areas. It […]