Deep Penitentiary 6 — Cover Art from Concept to Finish


In my last blog post I showed off the pulp fic­tion and grind­house cin­e­ma influ­ences behind the Deep Pen­i­ten­tiary 6 cov­er. How­ev­er, it takes a skilled artist to take the con­cept and bring it to life. For this project I chose Diego Galin­do after glimps­ing his rip­ping cov­er for issue 4 of the com­ic Nan­cy in Hell on Earth. I was extreme­ly for­tu­nate that he agreed to work with me and Shane Crash on the cov­ers to our pulp-inspired split-paper­back. (Check out our Kick­starter for the book!)


Today I thought it would be inter­est­ing to fol­low Diego as he works from a quick sketch to the final Deep Pen­i­ten­tiary 6 art.

Deep Penitentiary 6-v1

It starts with a rough thumb­nail sketch like this as we lock down the ele­ments as they will appear on the cov­er.  At this stage we have the main char­ac­ters, Theta But­ter­fly, Hon­ey Bee, and the Dark Moth­er in place.

Deep Penitentiary 6-v2

The thumb­nail sketch is fur­ther refined. The back­ground plan­et is changed to the moon and the tit­u­lar space sta­tion-prison is added.  While all of the ele­ments are in place, the artist and I agreed that the char­ac­ters’ posi­tion­ing was too stiff.

Deep Penitentiary 6-v3 Changed Positions-

It was back to the draw­ing board, lit­er­al­ly,  as the artist reposed the char­ac­ters giv­ing a more dynam­ic shot fit­ting for the action of the sto­ry.

Deep Penitentiary 6-v4

This is fur­ther refined and def­i­n­i­tion is added. Hon­ey Bee is reposed again and giv­en a sec­ond gun. At this point we are almost there, but I didn’t like the addi­tion of boots, pre­fer­ring to keep my women bare­foot like the Big Doll House poster I’m riff­ing on.


Next the draw­ing is fur­ther defined and col­or is added. Here is Diego’s final art­work, a pul­sat­ing pulp art mas­ter­piece!  By sup­port­ing my Kick­starter you’ll not only be help­ing me get the Deep Pen­i­ten­tiary 6 print­ed, you’ll be sup­port­ing artists Diego. We are just a few hun­dred dol­lars away from mak­ing our goal. Every lit­tle bit helps!

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