Deep Penitentiary 6 – Cover Art from Concept to Finish


Deep Penitentiary 6-v3 Changed Positions-

In my last blog post I showed off the pulp fiction and grindhouse cinema influences behind the Deep Penitentiary 6 cover. However, it takes a skilled artist to take the concept and bring it to life. For this project I chose Diego Galindo after glimpsing his ripping cover for issue 4 of the comic Nancy in Hell on Earth. I was extremely fortunate that he agreed to work with me and Shane Crash on the covers to our pulp-inspired split-paperback. (Check out our Kickstarter for the book!)


Today I thought it would be interesting to follow Diego as he works from a quick sketch to the final Deep Penitentiary 6 art.

Deep Penitentiary 6-v1

It starts with a rough thumbnail sketch like this as we lock down the elements as they will appear on the cover.  At this stage we have the main characters, Theta Butterfly, Honey Bee, and the Dark Mother in place.

Deep Penitentiary 6-v2

The thumbnail sketch is further refined. The background planet is changed to the moon and the titular space station-prison is added.  While all of the elements are in place, the artist and I agreed that the characters’ positioning was too stiff.

Deep Penitentiary 6-v3 Changed Positions-

It was back to the drawing board, literally,  as the artist reposed the characters giving a more dynamic shot fitting for the action of the story.

Deep Penitentiary 6-v4

This is further refined and definition is added. Honey Bee is reposed again and given a second gun. At this point we are almost there, but I didn’t like the addition of boots, preferring to keep my women barefoot like the Big Doll House poster I’m riffing on.


Next the drawing is further defined and color is added. Here is Diego’s final artwork, a pulsating pulp art masterpiece!  By supporting my Kickstarter you’ll not only be helping me get the Deep Penitentiary 6 printed, you’ll be supporting artists Diego. We are just a few hundred dollars away from making our goal. Every little bit helps!

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