I have several comic projects in development.

The Human Wrestler
with Barry Lincoln, Artist

Hugh Mann is tired of getting shit on. As a “jobber” in a minor wrestling league his only task is to serve as a human stomping bag to make the stars look good. Unable to take the abuse anymore, he goes off-script, attracting other-worldly attention and launching him into outer space to wrestle in the Intergalactic Wrestling League. Duped into a contract, the Human Wrestler must defeat a gaggle of alien opponents to return back to Earth and his beloved Rosita. The only problem is, in space, wrestling is real!

The Human Wrestler is a four part comedy-sci-fi comic that delivers a flying kick to the junk!

Pretty Face
with Sergio Tarquini, Artist

In a world where the intellectual property is the only viable US export and celebrity is king, the last independent photojournalist is forced on assignment to find a missing supermodel.  She goes by the unusual name Hamburger Sunshine, the cast-off daughter of a sci-fi celebrity cult, and one time love interest of teen pop-star Jenny Vivid.

with James Dean, Artist

A group of costumed heroes working as mercenaries, independent contractors, needs an image adjustment after the government is unable to excuse their excesses collateral damage.  Fired, they go rogue in a bid to track down an international terrorist.  They are joined my an idealistic new recruit, the winner of a television reality show, who quickly learns that his “heroes” are just a bunch of opportunistic assholes.