Paradise Earth: Day Zero

Paradise Earth: Day Zero
Genre: Spec­u­la­tive Fic­tion
ASIN: 1620071436
ISBN: 1620071436
When the ground quakes and blaz­ing balls of fire fall from the sky, a reli­gious sect inter­prets it as the ful­fill­ment of long-held prophe­cies fore­telling the end of the world. The mem­bers flee to their reli­gious sanc­tu­ary, believ­ing that this glob­al cat­a­clysm is the por­tent of a new par­adise of eter­nal hap­pi­ness. Inside, one cold and starv­ing man strug­gles to hold onto his hope for the future. He’s sac­ri­ficed every­thing for his faith in the prophe­cy, includ­ing his fam­i­ly. As the tor­tu­ous night drags on he grap­ples with a life­time of beliefs and expec­ta­tions. If he sur­vives to see the par­adise earth, will it be worth it? Par­adise Earth is a decon­struc­tion of faith at the end of the world and beyond.
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The lan­guage is mas­ter­ful and artis­tic. The scenes are com­pelling, and hold the read­er enrap­tured. This read­ing expe­ri­ence eas­i­ly stands up to any great book.” — James Wymore, author of Theoc­racide

Smart, believ­able, and cer­tain­ly blas­phe­mous to our door-to-door friends, Mathenia’s Par­adise Earth hits hard and hits home.” — Thea Isis Gre­go­ry, author of San­i­ty Vac­u­um

Author, Antho­ny Math­e­nia, mas­ter­ful­ly takes us along on a riv­et­ing sub­sur­face explo­ration of the [Jehovah’s Wit­ness] religion’s the­o­log­i­cal intri­ca­cy and aston­ish­ing mind­set.” — Bar­bara Ander­son, for­mer Watch­tow­er staff writer and advo­cate.

Math­e­nia has craft­ed a cau­tion­ary tale, but more than that he has craft­ed a human jour­ney from indoc­tri­na­tion and fear — to free­dom and com­pas­sion.” — Shane Crash, author of For­est Life


End of the world starts spec­u­la­tive tril­o­gy — Vic­ki Ben­ning­ton, The Alton Tele­graph


About the Author
Antho­ny Math­e­nia

Antho­ny Math­e­nia is a nov­el­ist and writer. He is the author of Par­adise Earth: Day Zero (Curios­i­ty Quills Press). His trav­el writ­ings have appeared on Vagob­ond and oth­er places. His works deal with per­son­al iden­ti­ty and lib­er­a­tion from oppres­sion. He grew up in a reli­gious cult and sin­cere­ly apol­o­gizes for wak­ing you up on Sat­ur­day morn­ings in order to recruit you.

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