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Interview with Keith Giles, Subversive Christian Author and Pacifist Fight Club Founder

Around six years ago I found myself grow­ing more and more dis­il­lu­sioned with my child­hood reli­gion. Even­tu­al­ly I was forced out by the lead­er­ship, when I  men­tal­ly dis­con­nect­ed from the unbreak­ing dog­ma and the rigid struc­ture.  On the out­side, I real­ized that I wasn’t a unique case, and that so many more were leav­ing their […]

Buccaneer Blogfest — Social Media for Writers

My new week­ly lit­er­ary romance ser­i­al Hap­pi­ness: How to Find It has start­ed on Curios­i­ty Quills. My post-apoc­­a­­lyp­tic decon­struc­tion on faith, Par­adise Earth, has been shipped off to the edi­tor. A super secret com­ic script is in the hands of an amaz­ing artist.  With my writ­ing work-log momen­tar­i­ly cleared out, I was blessed with a two-sec­ond […]

Novel Review — Forest Life by Shane Crash

A review of Shane Crash’s har­row­ing new fic­tion nov­el ‘For­est Life’, pub­lished by Civ­i­tas Press. ‘For­est Life’ is eas­i­ly the best Chris­t­ian fic­tion of 2012 and a bril­liant med­i­ta­tion on love and loss, life and death.