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Booze & Books: Carrie Bee, Paradise Bound

I recently had the privilege to read Paradise Bound, the debut novel by Carrie Bee. This was especially exciting because Carrie is a fellow author writing in the really minuscule sub-genre of Jehovah’s Witness-themed fiction. (Do we have our own Amazon ranking yet?) Paradise Bound is the coming-of-age story of Ivy, a girl raised in a devout JW household. […]

Books and Booze: Sharon Bayliss, The Charge

Today, Texas author Sharon Bayliss drops in with a cocktail pairing for her electric new novel The Charge.  In her words: Inspired by the famous New Orleans Hurricane, I created the Blue Storm, an equally intoxicating concoction with the electric blue quality of the blue storms from The Charge. Drink up! But be warned, much like the real […]